Created in 2018, EQUIMAF is a company specializing in the sale of equipment, hardware and management software for business. She also works in the field of governance, audit and information technology security consulting. Wanting to be a center of excellence in advanced use of microcomputing training, EQUIMAF is thus moving towards recognition of skills as a key to job creation. 

Our vision

Provide accessibility to equipment and materials for business ...

Our mission

Support you during your acquisition process. Before our first intervention, we come to meet you to listen to you, discuss your expectations, identify your needs for new functionalities in order to define your priorities. It is about getting to know yourself better and better understand your issues. This approach is essential for advising you, building the information system that suits you and guiding you in your strategic choices. 

Our values

Our values

Our core value: Saving

Équimaf wants to be an eco-citizen company by offering a new simple consumption method: favoring reconditioned computer equipment when possible rather than new equipment in order not only to reduce the ecological footprint of PCs by giving them a second life, but also achieve substantial savings.

Equimaf is thus showing its determination for new modes of consumption that are more responsible for the environment and for future generations.

Because of its concern for the environment and its concern for the satisfaction of its customers, Equimaf offers in its online product catalog a wide choice of refurbished computer equipment and materials at a good price / quality ratio.

We have the same goal: Your peace of mind

For EQUIMAF, the leitmotif is your peace of mind. We do everything we can to ensure that your IT is synonymous with fluidity and stands out more for the solutions it provides than for the problems it creates. We are committed to providing you with an overview to ensure consistency in your information system. Combined with the rigor of our methodology, our responsiveness and our involvement make the difference.

Our goal is clear:  To be the Canadian specialist in internet sales of refurbished equipment and materials for business. We have developed a meticulous quality charter concerning respect for the environment that most of our reconditioned products respect.

Our history

"Place our expertise and our dedication at the service of small and medium-sized enterprises".

EQUIMAF was created in 2018 by a couple of IT specialists with dual skills, one of which is in business administration. It inherits the achievements of another company "DATAMAX TECHNOLOGIES" created in Cameroon in 2007. The idea is to bring good governance of information technologies to businesses of all kinds. Both benefiting from IT analyst experience in a French multinational company based in Cameroon in the automotive sector and a large company in the construction materials sector, we are committed to sharing this conviction through all of their employees: SMEs must also be able to benefit, as much as large groups, from an effective and efficient information system.

Our engagement

« “We are together now, after and for a long time”.».

It is on the basis of our history that the EQUIMAF company has continued its development since its creation. Make its products and services highly accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. This is not an ambition, but a long-term commitment that demands their development: a demanding commitment that requires, on a daily basis, on the part of EQUIMAF, proactivity in providing adequate advice.

Four key benefits we offer our clients:

« “Because we know each other”.».

Equipment and materials at exceptional prices;

Resource center to guide them in the choice of their infrastructure;

The commitment that we will be together for a long time;

Information technology governance consultancy;

ÉQUIMAF develops solid business relationships every day with strategic players in the education sector and individuals in business. These partnerships, which we want to be close, will undoubtedly guarantee a level of excellence in the provision of IT and / or technological services. 

Our key partners

Many partnerships being negotiated ...

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